AC Servo Motor Magnet Repair

AC servo motors, unlike induction motors, have magnets on their rotors. Permanent magnets are what give AC servo motors such high torque specs. Magnets are made out of rare earth materials like Alnico or Neodemium which cannot be fastened to metal rotors by welding or soldering.

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Posted 3/10/2021

Why Outsource Servo Motor Repair?

Are you experiencing servo motor problems? Servotech can help you with our outstanding servo repair program to meet your servo motor repair needs in practically any industry and without sacrificing quality customer service in the process.

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Posted 3/8/2021

How to Test a Servo Motor

Testing a servo motor can seem like a complicated, confusing and somewhat overwhelming task. However, with the right tools (ohm meter or megaohm) and the necessary knowledge, the process is a simple and straightforward one to follow. By breaking the servo motor testing process down into achievable steps, testing a servo motor can be quite simple and basic.

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Posted 3/7/2021

How To Prevent Liquid Intrusion into Your Servo Motor

Your machine is down and you pull out a faulty servomotor and send it out for repair. The diagnosis is quick, there is coolant or oil in your motor and it needs to be rebuilt. Your motor had a seal on the shaft, sealed plugs, and gaskets between all of the exposed parts. How did your servo motor fill with oil?

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Posted 9/5/2020

Servo & Spindle Motor Technical Support

Maintenance personnel should be aware of the potential issues that may arise when you have a servo or spindle motor in production. For those in need of technical assistance, we’ve got you covered. Below you’ll find a list of common issues you may across with your servo or spindle motor and some simple solutions to help you resolve them.

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Posted 5/29/2020

Fanuc Servo Motor Repair Part Inventory

Fanuc is the largest manufacturer of automated machinery in the world. Yet, a majority of the replacement parts needed to maintain Fanuc motors and machines have 16-20 week delivery times, if they are available at all. Ultimately Fanuc limits what “end users” can and can’t do to their machines. Servotech knows that our customers can’t wait 16 weeks for a part, and can’t have a machine down for 16 weeks. We also know it’s impractical for our customers to stock every part they may need, just in case the motor breaks.

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Posted 1/15/2020

How To Find Authorized Servomotor Repair

Servo motor repair is a specialized challenging field. Servo repair techniques and procedures are often the result of companies who have researched through trial and experience. Servo motor manufacturers like to model their business after the automotive industry: constantly pushing new product lines, innovating year after year, and encouraging the sales of newer, faster and more precise machines.

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Posted 7/22/2019

Stop Overpaying for an OEM Servo Motor!

Are you buying your servo motors from your machine manufacturer? You may be paying way too much money! Have you called the servo motor manufacturer and been told “we cannot sell you this motor, call your OEM”? Before you give up hope, there is a strong possibility you can obtain a replacement motor for much less!

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Posted 4/13/2019

Servo Motor Connectors: Where Can I Find Them?

Your servo motor needs a new connector. The connector is cracked and the pins are all bent. You look at it and think, “Where am I ever going to find this plug?” And even if you find the plug and get it on time, can it be changed easily? Connectors can quickly become a headache. With so many styles, manufacturers, and specific needs there are millions of plugs in production to choose from. Finding your connector can be extremely difficult if you do not know how to search.

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Posted 5/3/2018