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AC Servo Motor Repair

AC servo motors are the industry standard when it comes to servo technology, and are the most commonly used servo motors today. They are favorable because they last longer and require less maintenance than DC servo motors. They rely on a feedback device, such as an encoder, for communication to relay positioning to a controller or machine.

Frequent Reasons an AC Servo Motor Would Need Repair:

Encoder Failure

Encoders are very delicate electronic devices which are susceptible to contamination. Most encoders contain bearings which can also fail over time. Installing an encoder requires specialty equipment in order to align it correctly to the motor poles.

Bad Bearings

Bearings wear over time and become noisy. It is important to have your servo motor evaluated once the bearings become noisy. If there is a bearing failure, it can cause further damage, resulting in much more expensive repairs.

Failed Stator Windings

Burnt or shorted stator windings can occur for a number of reasons, such as coolant contamination, overloading the motor, and drive malfunction. Internal mechanical issues such as bad bearings or loose magnets can also cause a stator winding to fail.

Loose Bearing Fits

Over time, a bearing fit can wear out and become loose, causing a motor failure. If this isn't caught in time, it can cause further damage to magnets, windings, and the feedback device.

Power Connectors

Connectors are what transfer power from the drive to the motor through cables, making them a common failure point. These connectors have pins and sockets that can relax over time, and cause a point of high resistance which will heat up and fail.

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