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Kollmorgen / Cincinnati Milacron AC Servo Motor Repair

Kollmorgen / Cincinnati Milacron AC Servo Motors require a careful, thorough evaluation to determine the cause of failure. Our AC servo motor repair technicians have decades of experience working with these motors and possess all the tools needed to properly diagnose them.

Kollmorgen ac servo motor refurbished back to the “factory new” standard

By maintaining a good relationship with the factory, Servotech has acquired a vast library of technical documentation. This is crucial because it allows us to ensure that each motor meets or exceeds factory specifications once repaired. Other repair shops may repair a motor to “running” condition, but with Servotech, you can trust that your motor will be returned to you good as new.

While repairing your servo motor correctly is important, we understand that time is also critical. To minimize downtime for our customers, we maintain an extensive inventory of replacement parts such as bearings, connectors, and feedback devices. This combined with our in-house capabilities such as stator winding and machining allows us to refurbish your motor and get it back to you in record time. 

Kollmorgen / Cincinnati Milacron DC Servo Motor Repair

When it comes to repairing Kollmorgen / Cincinnati Milacron DC servo motors, there is no team more qualified and knowledgeable than Servotech. Our DC servo motor repair technicians know how to properly inspect these motors electrically and mechanically, identifying the cause of failure. Our vast library of technical documentation combined with our extensive inventory of replacement parts means we can provide the highest quality refurbishment with an industry leading turnaround time.

kollmorgen servo motor repair completed by the knowledgeable staff at Servotech of Middletown, CT

Kollmorgen / Cincinnati Milacron also makes pancake motors, also called PMI or disc motors. These motors present a unique set of challenges when it comes to repairing them. They are equipped with thin, disc-shaped armatures and powerful permanent magnet field frames. Our technicians are able to re-magnetize the field magnets with a charge fixture – something that not all repair shops are capable of doing.

Whether you have a conventional Kollmorgen / Cincinnati Milacron DC servo motor or a disc motor, you can trust that it will be in good hands when you send it to Servotech. We take pride in offering the absolute highest quality refurbishment possible, with an industry-leading turnaround time to get you up and running quickly.