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Over the years, Servotech has built a solid relationship with the Yaskawa factory. Because of this, we have all the necessary resources to repair your Spindle motor to its factory specifications. Having the needed parts is critical – which is why we stock everything from high-speed bearings to the sensors used as feedback for these motors. This means we don’t need to wait to order parts for repair, so we can get your motor back to you in record time.

Yaskawa spindle motor evaluated and repaired to like-new conditionIn addition to this, we make sure every Yaskawa spindle motor goes through extensive balance and vibration testing. This step is critical to ensure proper functionality of these spindle motors which can operate at a very high RPM. An improperly balanced or unbalanced rotor can cause noise and vibration, leading to bigger problems over time. Taking these steps ensures proper functionality and extends the lifetime of your spindle motor.

Once repairs are complete, your Yaskawa spindle motor will be final tested using factory drives – the same drives used in your machine. Over the years, Servotech has invested in countless factory drives for this purpose. Because of this, you can trust that your motor will perform to factory specifications once installed in your machine. When it comes to Yaskawa spindle motor repair, you can count on Servotech for the highest quality repairs and minimal downtime.