Project Description

Baldor Servo Motor Repair

Servotech is a warranty center for BaldorAuthorized Baldor Servo Motor Repair Center. It is important to have a good working relationship with any manufacturer of servo motors in order to effectively repair their products. Servotech possesses all of the necessary technical documents needed to complete repairs correctly. We also have access to Baldor stock motors and parts, which means anything we can’t personally fix or re-manufacture can be purchased from the factory directly at a good rate.

Nonetheless, our access to parts and information does not make our evaluation or repair process any less stringent or detail oriented. Baldor servo motor repair demands a good mechanical understanding of how servo motors work, as well as a strong background in electrical concepts.

For example, Baldor servo motors used in robotics can sometimes have resolvers with three different resolutions (not to be confused with speeds) and run at 6000 RPM.

Years of experience and a commitment to excellence make Servotech an outstanding repair center for everything Baldor. Each motor that enters the shop is evaluated and tested against factory specification and will not receive our certificate of refurbishment unless it meets or surpasses those specifications.

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1. Evaluation of Your Baldor Servo Motor

Servotech commences evaluation with the inspection of mechanical parts, and electrical components on all Baldor servo motors. We check:

  • Bearing fits
  • Housing fits
  • Low brake torque
  • Worn output shafts
  • Corroded and/or broken flanges
  • Corroded Power Plugs
  • Misaligned Encoders
Baldor Servo Motor RepairBaldor Servo Motor
A typical Baldor when it arrives in the shop, and then after we service it.

2. Motor Repair

We manufacture or repair any problems found during our evaluation, fixing any part that does not meet the factory specifications. Often we:

  • Remagnetize rotor magnets.
  • Surface grind and re-gap brake plates for proper holding torque and pick voltages.
  • Re-manufacture a new Baldor servo motor front flange using the old flange and factory dimensions.
  • Repair all the windings. Both AC and DC servo motors windings are washed, baked and tested.
  • Repair or replace brush holders and Bake-O-Lite insulation tubes on DC motors.
Baldor Servo Motor Repair Company

3. Preliminary Testing

During assembly, Baldor servo motor repairs are meggered frequently. Some of our tests include:

  • Test to confirm there are no grounded electrical parts in the servo motor.
  • All AC stators are surge tested to at least 1500 volts.
  • After the baking process DC Servo motor armatures go through a bar to bar test. This test will show if there are any shorts or opens in the winding.
  • Torque tests to confirm magnet strength.
  • Servo motor alignment.
Baldor Servo Motor RepairBaldor Servo Motor RepairBaldor Servo Motor Repair
Three resolution resolvers specific to the robot series Baldor servo motors, shown in their physical form and their output at each resolution.

4. Assembly

After repair and preliminary testing, Baldor motors are reassembled. Our assembly process often improves the internal motor components. Our assembled motors utilize:

  • High-grade sealed bearings – we feel that each Baldor servo motor repair will have a longer life with sealed bearings because the seals keep dirt and contamination from getting into the bearing races.
  • Double lip seals in the front flange – these seals keep coolant from getting to the bearing.
  • All new seals, O-rings, gaskets and connectors – ensure that your Baldor servo motor is protected from liquid contamination.
  • Baldor stators are potted, which makes them tough to rewind.
  • Two-part epoxy coating for an added protection – the same coating used on Navy submarines.
Baldor Servo Motor Repair CompanyBaldor Servo Motor Repair Company
A typical brake used in some Baldor servo motors. Servotech rebuilds, rewinds, and modifies brakes to get them functioning, and to hold with proper torque. New brake pad from Servotech stock shown with rebuilt brake.