Refurbishment & Repair – Servo Motor Processes

At Servotech we constantly train our servo motor repair technicians so they are the best in the business, but our success is also due to our service and commitment to standing behind what we do. Our streamlined servo motor repair and spindle motor repair processes allows us to maximize the quality of our work and reduce customer down time. We are dedicated to offering the very best refurbishment and repair of servo motors, and returning your motor “like-new”.

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1. Servo Motor Acknowledgment

Every servo motor received is acknowledged by an email the day it arrives at Servotech.

2. Refurbishment & Repair – Servo Motor Service Quotes Within 24 Hours

Within 24 hours of receiving your servo motor, you will be sent a quote for the cost of refurbishment. Upon receipt of your purchase order, we will begin the repair of your servo motor.

3. Dynamic Servo Motor Testing

Your servo motor will be put through intensive dynamic testing to determine the faults and course of action to take with your servo motor. Every servo motor we repair is accompanied by a computer print-out showing the diagnostics and results of our dynamic testing.

4. Motor Cleaning, Inspection, Rebuilding

During the repair of your servo or spindle motor, it will be completely dismantled. Every part of your servo motor will be cleaned and properly inspected. Any defective parts will be repaired or replaced. Our rebuilding process ensures each part is reinstalled correctly and the motor is fully sealed so that any oils or coolants in its environment cannot penetrate the motor. All servo motors will be rebuilt with the following:

  • new hardware
  • new seals
  • new gaskets

5. Final Testing of Repaired Servo Motor

The repaired servo motor will be put through final testing. This will include running your motor closed loop on a factory drive.

6. Servo Motor Sealing and Packaging

In the final prep stage, each servo motor is reviewed and painted. The connectors receive protective covers, and each servo motor is packaged carefully in our custom packaging system to protect your servo in shipping. When your servo motor is ready to ship, we call you and let you know your servo motor is on its way.

Quick Turnaround & Quality Service

At Servotech, we specialize in the repair of servo motors and spindle motors from Siemens, Kollmorgen, Yaskawa and Fanuc as well as many others. We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround because we know when your motor is down you probably are too! We repair and deliver most servo motors and spindle motors back to our customers in five business days. Our streamlined servo and spindle repair service allows us to maximize the quality of our work and reduce your production down time. We also offer 48 hour rapid servo motor repair for a fee of 15%. In addition to our Rapid Response and Standard Repair options, we also offer a Fill-In Work option, for servo motor repairs that are less urgent, and can be completed within 4 to 6 weeks. Servo motor repairs that are designated as Fill-In Work receive a 10% discount.

Refurbishment & Repair Servo Motor Processes – Further Information

Need Fast Servo Repair?

Average turnaround: 5 business days Rapid response turnaround: 2 business days No expedite fee if parts not available

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Need a Discount?

Save 10% on non-urgent items. Turnaround: 4-6 weeks

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