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Nemicon NE-1024-2MD – 1024 Count

Replacement for Nemicon NE-1024-2MD – 1024 Count

ST Part Number: ST-EN-DR-0027-1024

Designed as a drop-in replacement for the Nemicon NE Series encoder, the ST-EN-DR-0027-1024 is ready for delivery. The unique design encompasses both the 50mm round flange and the 68mm square flange, making this one encoder a drop-in replacement for your application.



The heavy-duty sealed bearings together with double lip seal makes this encoder a rugged and reliable alternative to a wide range of machine tool encoders.

  • 68mm diameter body
  • IP65 double O-ring cover
  • 1024 PPR
  • 50mm round flange
  • 68mm square flange mounting

Common Applications:

  • Machine control
  • Spindle positioning
  • Process control
  • Robotics
  • Textile machines