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Fanuc A860-0300-T002 – 2500 Count

Replacement for Fanuc A860-0300-T002 – 2500 Count

ST Part Number: ST-EN-DR-300DC-2500

ST-EN-DR-300DC-2500 is an extra-heavy-duty unit made to last. This is designed to be a direct drop-in encoder that will work right out of the box.



These legacy Fanuc DC servo motor replacement encoders have been designed to last. The double-stacked, sealed bearing setup is a perfect fit to keep these old, rugged motors running for years to come.

  • Sealed bearings to keep dirt out of the electronics and to keep the grease in the bearing
  • MS type sealed connector helps to keep the coolant out of the motor
  • IP65 double O-ring to seal the cover on the encoder housing


  • Fanuc DC Yellow cap motors
  • A06B-0641
  • A06B-0651
  • A06B-0652
  • A06B-0653