Servo Drive Testing

Servotech is proud of our reputation as the leading resource for fast, quality servo motor repair services. We are dedicated to responsive service and professional excellence for all your servo test, repair and refurbishment needs, and utilize the latest technology to ensure we provide the best servo motor repair services. Every servo motor we repair is tested for accuracy, and undergoes dynamic testing, magnet repair, motor rewinding and more – depending on the motor model and needs.

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Why Factory Drives are Important for Servo Motor Repair

Many companies do not test their servo motor repairs on factory drives. Often, the servos are rebuilt and run on a generic drive – if they are even run at all!

Every servo motor we repair is tested on actual factory drives. By testing servos on drives right from the manufacturer, we know that your servo motor is repaired properly and will perform in like-new condition when back on your shop floor.

Leading Servo Test & Repair Technology

While stocking a large collection of factory drives is expensive, at Servotech we know the best way to provide quality servo repair services – and check that our servo repairs are accurate – it to test on a factory drive. As one of the leading servo motor repair companies we have the investment capabilities, knowledge and resources to purchase drives, and we are adding new models and drive types all the time.

The Servo Repair Experts

Servotech’s technicians are trained and certified, and our team includes some of the industry’s most experienced servo motor repair professionals. We know that the future of servo motor technology is moving away from incremental and analogue encoders, that are the mainstay of the many servo motor manufacturers. Newer servo motor models encrypt and serialized data that can only be decoded and read by factory specific drives.

Without a servo test on a factory drive, there is no way to confirm that some newer servo motors have been properly repaired. From the beginning Servotech has been testing our servo motor repairs on factory drives. Not only do we have a huge, growing inventory of factory drives, but we also have the experience to test your servo motor on the drive and confirm it has been properly repaired.

Next time you watch a YouTube video on servo motor repair, observe it closely and pay special attention to the testing capacities demonstrated. More often than not, you will see sub-par testing and no factory drive testing.

Servo Testing, Repairs & Support

At Servotech we are dedicated to providing the highest quality servo motor repair service. We stand behind our work, continuing to provide technical support to customers after their motors have left our facility. We are committed to the highest quality servo motor repairs – contact us today for more information or to request a quote.