Servo Motor Parts & Repair


DC Servo Motor Parts: Brushes • Brush Caps • Brush Holders • End Caps

Made by: Siemens • Fanuc • Yaskawa • Kollmorgen • Mitsubishi

DC Parts

We stock over 500 types of brushes, brush caps, brush holders and complete end cap assemblies. If we don’t stock it, we can manufacture it within 24 hours.


Made by: SiemensFanucYaskawaKollmorgenMitsubishi

DC Parts

We stock hundreds of new and refurbished servo motor encoders, resolvers, tachometers, and other feedback devices. We can also refurbish your feedback devices, especially if they are hard to find or discontinued.


Servo Motor Bearings by: Fanuc

For Servo Motors by: Kollmorgen • Yaskawa • Siemens • Fanuc


We inventory and use only top-of-the-line bearings for all types of servo motor applications. Whether it is a high-speed spindle motor or a servo motor that needs to withstand significant radial or axial loads, we are here for all your spindle and servo motor repair needs.

Custom Parts – Endbells

Custom Servo Motor Parts: Front End Bells • Brush Holders • Rotor Shafts

Made for Servo Motors by: Fanuc • Yaskawa • Siemens • Kollmorgen

Custom Parts

We machine our parts as needed so we are able to complete your servo motor repair in a timely manner. We also stock many of our machined parts like front end bells for Fanuc and Yaskawa servo motors. We can custom machine just about any parts from brush holders for DC motors to new rotor shafts. We use a CNC milling machine to achieve precise tolerances.

Servo Motors

Refurbished Servo Motors

Manufacturers: Fanuc • Yaskawa

Yaskawa SGMGV-09ADE6S

We inventory a large stock of refurbished servo motors.  These motors have been repaired back to factory specification and refurbished to like new condition.

Brakes – COMING  SOON !!!

Servo Motor Brakes & Parts: Rebuilt Brakes • Servo Motor Brake Shoes

• Custom Fabricated Brake Pads


We inventory a large stock of servo motor brake shoes, coils and bridges. Why spend money on a complete OEM brake when we can rebuild it for less? We custom fabricate our own servo motor brake pads for many manufacturers.

Items/Manufacturers listed represent only a sampling of the servo motor parts available. Please call 1-866-80SERVO for a full list.