Your servo motor needs a new connector. The connector is cracked and the pins are all bent. You look at it and think, “Where am I ever going to find this plug?” And even if you find the plug and get it on time, can it be changed easily? Connectors can quickly become a headache. With so many styles, manufacturers, and specific needs there are millions of plugs in production to choose from. Finding your connector can be extremely difficult if you do not know how to search.

Once You Have Found Your Servo Motor Connector…

  • Do you have the tooling you need to install it correctly?
  • Do you have the information recorded when you disconnect the old servo motor connector to connect the new one?

Refine the Search

The first step to finding your servo motor connector is refining your search. This will limit the number if connectors to search through by specific characteristics. Many online companies that sell connectors will let you limit your search by choosing variables such as rated current, shape, number of pins, etc.

If you know the manufacturer of you your servo motor connector (give it a good look over) then you can limit your search or go straight to that manufacturers online site.

If you can obtain a manufacturers part number, many online sites will cross it to their own part number. If at all possible, get a datasheet and verify dimensions before purchasing, you don’t want a close match, you want an exact match.

Collect the Tools You Need

There are some tools that are necessary to install connectors on your servo motor. You will need a soldering iron to solder the pins and sockets. Even if they are crimp pins, many people will solder the crimp to strengthen the joint and prevent fraying.

If the pins need to be crimped invest in a crimper for that style connector. Many connectors are threaded together and you will need wrenches and pliers.

Document Servo Motor Connector Wiring

Always document the servo motor connector wiring before removing the old one. Write down wire colors relative to pin numbers. If possible also document wire functions to pin number as colors are not always easy to differentiate.

Most people forget to document the orientation of the connector in relation to the motor, and also the orientation of the connector hub to the housing of the connector. If these are not correct you may not realize it until you motor is reinstalled into your machine and now the cable does not reach or mate with your motor.

In Summary

These are some considerations to make when changing your connectors on your servo motor. There are many good places to shop for servo motor connectors, and prices can fluctuate greatly, so shop around. If you are having someone else change your connectors make sure they are replacing you old connector with a proper match. Many repair facilities will use unsealed or lower quality replacement servo motor connectors resulting in more problems down the road for you.

Servotech has technicians who spend their day dealing with servo motor connectors, plugs, and manufacturing cables. If you do not have the time or desire to find your connector or build your own cable, we will gladly do it for you!

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