Maintenance & DC Servo Motor Repair – Undercutting

Undercut Your Motors, Not Your Success

Did you know that changing the brushes in your DC servo motor may fix some of your issues and keep you running in a pinch? Did you also know that a brush change is only a temporary fix?

DC Servo Motor Repair - UndercuttingIt stands to reason that as brushes wear out. The carbon they are comprised of turns to dust, which only has one place to end up – inside your servo motor! Changing the brushes is a good maintenance step, but it is also an admission that at least one set of brushes worth of carbon is now caked on the inside of the motor.

Furthermore, as brushes wear down, so does the copper motor commutator. Over time a commutator can develop a ridge or grove where brushes have been riding, causing brushes to wear out more quickly or not make proper contact, which leads to higher current draw.

When brushes wear improperly the excessive carbon can get lodged in between the commutator bars and cause a short circuit. The only way to make a DC motor last indefinitely is to rebuild it.

DC Servo Motor Refurbishment – Done Right by Servotech

At Servotech we remove the motor armature and put it through a process known as “Undercutting.” A small toothed blade is actually used to clean out the grooves in between commutator bars, then the armature is put in the lathe and all of the bars are turned down to one smooth surface. Once the bars are smooth, consistent and clean, the motor can be rebuilt, and the brushes can be set properly so that they will run true, and last.

For more information, read about our DC Motor Repair Process or see our article about DC Servo Motor Brush Wear.