Servo Motor Dynamic Testing

Upon arrival, servo motors are back driven before any screw or bolt is removed. We run a variety of tests on the servo motor and associated feedback devices before the servo motor repair process even begins.

Servo Motor Alignment Testing

Every AC servo motor  will have their alignment checked and recorded both statically and dynamically before being disassembled. This procedure ensures correct alignment when the servo motor is repaired and rebuilt. Correct servo motor alignment is important as bad alignment will cause the servo motor to not run correctly, if it runs at all.

Windings Test

We test windings at full nameplate voltage and current to be sure they will not break down under load. All windings are washed, baked, meggered and surge tested.

Why Choose Servotech?

We specialize in AC servo motor repair, DC brushed servo motor repair and DC brushless motor repair. We also repair spindle motors, pancake motors, large servo motors, ELFA systems and most types of feedback devices. We service parts from top manufacturers to best meet your servo motor repair needs.

We Repair Over 100 Servo Motor Manufacturers

Servotech’s custom-built dynamic servo motor testing and repair center is designed to satisfy our rigid servo repair and rebuild standards. Our vision is to become the most efficient and reliable servo repair refurbishment facility in the industry.

dynamic servo motor testing

Magnet Testing of Servo Motors

Magnet strength is tested to insure you are getting the proper torque out of your servo motor. If your servo motor is determined to have bad magnets we can replace broken magnets and re-magnetize magnets which have lost their strength during the servo motor repair process.

Wave Pattern

With the use of oscilloscopes and torque meters, we check the wave pattern of the servo motor winding and the torque output to insure the servo motor will deliver during operation back at your business.

Final Testing of Servo Motor

Final servo motor repair testing involves a second round of all the initial tests to ensure the problem is fixed. All servo motors are run on matching factory drives or manufactured drives that have the correct parameters for the servo motor and feedback configuration. This ensures your servo motor is repaired correctly and will perform properly.

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