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ELFA System Repairs & Refurbishment

Servotech now proudly offers expert repair and refurbishment of ELFA systems, in addition to our servo motor repair services.

What is ELFA?

ELFA is a versatile technology that can be used in both propulsion and power generation, as well as integrated into a hybrid drive. Currently it is often used in commercial vehicles and buses. Essentially the ELFA system is a generator and a motor. Siemens leads the industry developing and implementing this technology with their new ELFA modular drive system.

ELFA System Repair — A Logical Service for Servotech

Servotech has grown to be on the United States’ leading servo motor repair facilities. Because servo technology and the ELFA drive technology are so similar it was only natural to add ELFA system service to the Servotech repair portfolio.

The Siemens website states that ELFA systems “can be very cost-effectively manufactured as they are closely related to industrial motors”. In many ways, the ELFA system is similar to the Siemens servo motors that we have been repairing for years. Fundamentally the technology is the same as the servo, and in fact, ELFA units even look very much like servo motors. You will notice, though, that ELFA drives have part numbers that start with 1FV – for example: 1FV5139-6WS28-ZW12.

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ELFA System Benefits

The beauty of the ELFA modular drive system is precisely what makes it complicated. Capable of accepting many different forms of power, these systems can be powered by an internal combustion engine or a battery. When used in vehicles it can replace or supplement traditional forms of propulsion. Because it is a generator it can re-harness the energy it expends in acceleration to recharge batteries, by generating power during vehicle braking. Like an exercise bike, the rotational motion of magnets inside a field of coils generates voltage. The harder the pedals are driven on the bike the more resistance, and therefore the more power generation.

The distinctions between a piece of gym equipment and the ELFA are many, however. Power generation depletes the momentum of the vehicle and recaptures the energy. The faster a vehicle is moving the more potential energy there is to harness during the braking process. Obviously, with any conversion of energy there is no process that is one hundred percent efficient, but the electrical characteristics of the ELFA make its efficiency notable – especially compared to an internal combustion engine, which dissipates all of its momentum through a braking system (that harvests none of that energy).

ELFA System Repairs

The Flexibility of ELFA Drive Systems

The flexibility of the ELFA can be at least partially derived from their ability to integrate into many different systems. In any motor or generator application the existence of feedback is the key to precision. Just like a servo motor communicates with a drive to optimize torque, control speed and control position, these new modular drives perform the same functions.

ELFA Repair Service

Even as a new technology, our large stock of Siemens parts, as well as our expertise, can be adapted to the repair and service of ELFA systems. Servotech is pleased to be able to apply its capabilities to this exciting new avenue of repair and refurbishment. Please contact us for more information regarding this service, or for a fast quote.