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DC Servo Motor Repair

DC servo motors are also known as brushed motors, DC brush type motors, brushed DC servo motors and DC motors. They are the earliest forms of servo motors. More and more manufacturers are doing away with their DC brush type servo motor lines in favor of the newer AC servo motors.

Brushed servo motors, are commutated mechanically and use different forms of feedback to relay speed and position. Tachometers are used for speed, resolvers and encoder for position. In some cases a combination of two or all three forms of feedback can be used. In other cases, none are used in favor of some other form of external feedback that is not integral to the motor.

Our goal is to give you the option of  that has been refurbished back to like new condition, rather than being forced into buying new. Our repair procedure follows these steps:

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Expert DC Servo Motor Repair

Servotech is experienced in the repair of a DC servo motors – from commonly-used manufacturers to unique motors. Our facility and technicians have the equipment and understanding to service these highly-specialized motors. We offer special expertise in conditioning the windings, the commutator, the brush rigging and the bearings of DC servos, as well as tuning the motor. Even simple tachometers are carefully installed in brushed DC servo motors, to be sure that the output voltage in both directions is congruent.

Servotech has a proven track record of returning DC servo motors to “like new” condition for customers around the world. We are an Authorized Baldor Warranty Center and Yaskawa Center as well as an Authorized SEM Service Agent. Servotech is proud of our distinction in DC servo motor repair as it reflects in our capabilities and the quality of our work.

DC Servo Motor

Servotech Repairs Pancake DC Servo Motors
& Yaskawa Cup Series DC Motors

Pancake motors are low-inertia servo motors that have very thin armatures and are incredibly challenging to work on. Kollmorgen produces a high volume of DC pancake servo motors. Servotech can also refurbish Yaskawa Cup series DC motors, unique in and of themselves, but low inertia just like pancakes. Read more on our pancake servo motor repairs.

Repaired DC Servo Motor Manufacturers

ABB General Electric Peerless-Winsmith
AEG Getty’s Porter-Peerless
Giddings and Lewis Powertron
Glentek Reliance
Baumuller Goulds SEM
BBC Indramat Siemens
Bosch Inland Sinano
Bridgeport Kollmorgen Tamagawa
Cincinnati Milacron Matsushita Toshiba
Cleveland Motor Yaskawa
Fanuc Peerless