Project Description

Baumuller Servo Motor Repair

Expert Baumuller Servo Motor Repair & Refurbishment

As one of America’s leading servo motor repair companies, Servotech’s Baumuller motor repair services are designed to return your servo motor to “like new” condition – like the day it left the factory. Our certified staff of technicians is dedicated to the highest quality Baumuller servo motor repair and refurbishment, with rush, 2-day servo motor repair services available.

Baumuller offers a wide range of electric servo motors in a variety of motor sizes, torques and configurations. Our team has the expertise to perform any type of Baumuller servo motor repair – including the repair, replacement and testing of cooling jackets in high torque brushless motors – a service which many of our competitors cannot provide.

Many customers have chosen a Baumuller servo motor for its energy efficiency and low lifecycle costs, and ensuring that your motor is performing optimally is critical to maintaining performance. At Servotech, we have decades of experience servicing and repairing Baumuller servo motors, and we provide the knowledge, equipment and factory drive quality testing that ensures our servo motor repair will return your motor to peak performance.

When a Baumuller servo motor arrives at our shop, it undergoes the following steps:

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1. Baumuller Servo Motor Evaluation

Our expert staff inspects the servo motor’s electrical and mechanical parts to identify broken and worn parts, corrosion, fit and operational issues.

2. Baumuller Servo Motor Repair

Based on the identified problems, we repair all servo motor parts to factory specifications. This often includes re-magnetizing Baumuller rotor magnets, re-manufacturing flanges, cleaning/repair/rewinding/testing of windings, replacing servo motor brush holders and replacing insulation tubes.

3. Preliminary Baumuller Servo Motor Repair Testing

Throughout the servo motor repair process we test the motor numerous times. We check items including motor alignment, electrical function, confirm no electrical parts are grounded and perform a bar to bar test on servo motor armatures. Our on-going testing ensures the highest quality Baumuller servo motor repair and refurbishment.

4. Final Baumuller Servo Motor Assembly

After your Baumuller servo motor has successfully passed the preliminary testing phase, we reassemble the motor. During assembly, many of the servo motor parts are upgraded – it is our goal that your Baumuller servo motor performs better than it ever has after our repair is complete, delivering long life and precise performance. Servotech’s servo motor repair assembly includes:

  • High-grade sealed bearings – sealed bearings improve lifespan, preventing dirt and contamination from entering the bearing races.
  • Double lip seals in the front flange – these seals keep coolant from getting to the bearing.
  • All new seals, O-rings, gaskets and connectors – to protect your servo motor from liquid contamination.
  • Two-part epoxy coating – which provides added protection to your servo motor, and is the same coating used on Navy submarines.

5. Final Baumuller Servo Motor Repair Testing

After assembly, we perform final testing to ensure our Baumuller servo motor repair services were completed correctly, and your motor is performing exactly as it should. We test all our servo motor repairs on Baumuller factory drives – just like the drive in your machine – to confirm proper performance at full voltage and full current. Unlike many of our competitors (who don’t test on factory drives at all!) – Servotech continually upgrades our factory drives, so our servo motor repair services deliver the best quality and unrivaled repair dependability.

6. Name Plating

Before shipping, Servotech makes all new name plates for each of our servomotor repairs. These new name plates include all the original data from the motor, as well as Servotech’s name, job number, and date codes. This gives customers traceability in regards to their servo motor repair.