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AC Servo Motor Repair & AC Motor Repair

AC servo technology is the standard in servo technology these days. The start-up cost of a brushless AC servo set up is greater than that of a DC Brush type set up, but the motors themselves last longer and require less maintenance.

What distinguishes brushless AC servo motors is the feedback. AC servo motors need very accurate feedback devices because they rely on them for commutation. In addition to relaying position to a controller or machine, the motor will not even run without a properly aligned feedback device. These motors are powered by sinusoidal current, which is achieved with pulse width modulators, whose accuracy and smoothness is only possible through precise feedback.

AC Servo Motor

AC Brushless Servo Motor Encoder Manufacturer Differences

– Fanuc motors use encoders that produce both commutation signals and incremental signals. Depending on the resolution, different Fanuc encoders have different counts, however the commutation signals are unchanged because they are only used for the purpose of driving the motor. Fanuc has gone so far as to serialize these signals so that their encoders can communicate a lot of information rapidly and with the least number of wires necessary to make cabling simple.

& – Indramat servo motors use digital encoders and often Endat encoding. Allen-Bradley employs Stegmann encoders. Both of these manufacturers depend on sinusoidal signals produced by the encoders for commutation and for position, and their encoders store data pertinent to the motor’s characteristics, all of which needs to be intact and correct in order to work. Servotech’s facility is equipped with the software and drives appropriate to make fast servo motor repairs for Indramat and Allen Bradley brushless motors.

DC Brushless Servo Motor Encoder Manufacturer Differences

– Kollmorgen uses resolvers almost exclusively on many older DC brushless servo motors, though can be used to run any form of motor, because they are very accurate.

– often utilize two forms of feedback: Hall effect switches for commutation and an incremental encoder for position.

We Repair AC Servo Motors From the Following Manufacturers:

ABB Exlar Motoman
AEG Fanuc Pacific-Scientific (Pac-Sci)
Fuji Parker
General Electric Phase Motion
Baumuller Getty’s Rockwell
BBC Giddings and Lewis SEM
Bosch Goulds SEW Eurodrive
Bridgeport Hitachi
CEM Indramat Sinano
Cincinnati Milacron Tamagawa
Control Techniques Matsushita Toshiba
ElectroCraft Mitsubishi  Whedco
Emerson Moog  Yaskawa