Servo Motor Load Testing

We service well over a hundred servo manufacturers, with rush services available for rapid spindle, AC and DC servo motor repair. At Servotech we are dedicated to providing the highest quality servo motor repair and refurbishment services, and have designed our servo repair process to ensure we return your motor in “like new” condition.

Our servo motor repair load testing evaluates the following items:

Why Choose Servotech?

Servotech’s custom-built load-testing center is designed to satisfy our rigid servo motor repair and rebuild standards. We continually update and upgrade our equipment to ensure our spindle, AC and DC servo motor repair processes are the most current, which allows us to replicate shop-floor conditions and return your servo motor in like-new condition.

Servo Motor Windings

We test servo motor windings at full nameplate current to be sure they won’t breakdown under load, and complete motor rewinding processes.

Servo Magnet Strength

We test motor magnet strength to ensure you are getting the proper torque out of your servo motor.

Servo Motor Load Testing

Wave Pattern

Our trained servo motor repair technicians use an oscilloscope to check the wave pattern of motor windings while under load test.

We utilize these tests, as well as additional dynamic testing procedures to ensure we accurately repair your servo motor. When complete, your repaired servo is tested on factory drives to confirm proper operation.

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