Servo Motor Feedback Device Repair

Servotech can test, diagnose, and repair feedback devices of all kinds, from all manufacturers. We service encoders, resolvers, AC and DC tachometers, hall sensors, tachsyns, magnetic proximity sensors, and integrated rotational speed sensors. Familiarity with Siemens, Kollmorgen, Yaskawa and Fanuc, among others, allows us to not only fix bad units, but also calibrate them to factory specified tolerances.

The Encoder & Feedback Department at Servotech, inventories dozens of software programs and drives to match each manufacturer’s motor and feedback configuration. We utilize more than 250 different feedback-to-controller cables. This equipment allows us to connect to, test, and repair feedback devices in the same manner as the manufacturer. Our equipment also ensures the feedback devices are properly
installed and aligned with the servo motor.

Servo Motor Feedback Device Repairs

Do Your Feedback Devices Need Repair?

Feedback Device Repair

•  Have a spindle motor with a proximity sensor?

•  Does your motor have multiple feedback devices such as a  tachometer and encoder or multiple resolvers?

•  Are your Hall effect sensors not working properly?

This is what we fix day in and day out. We can determine most any type of feedback device used in servo and spindle motors.

Servotech employs technicians who are properly trained in the repair of feedback devices along with the repair of servo and spindle motors. We strive to become the most efficient and reliable servo refurbishment facility in the industry so call 1-866-80SERVO today so we can assist you with your feedback device repair needs.

Feedback Repair

We repair most makes of encoders, resolvers, tachometers and other forms of feedback.


Absolute or incremental, with or without commutation we can test, refurbish, or replace many types of encoders. We evaluate encoders in terms of output voltage per line, phase symmetry, and number of counts per revolution. Your encoders are back driven at max speed to ensure they will perform to the manufacturer’s specifications. We also have the ability to decode serial information supplied by many new encoders.


We have the technology to test resolvers of any speed at any frequency. If your resolver requires repair, we can rewind or replace it. We can also pot resolvers that are vulnerable to damage if necessary.


We can service or replace most AC and DC tachometers. All tachometers are evaluated in terms of voltage output per pre-determined rpm, polarity, and will have neutral checked when attached to their corresponding servo motors.