Stop Overpaying for an OEM Servo Motor!Servo Motor Repair

You May Be Paying Too Much for Your OEM Servo Motor

Are you buying your servo motors from your machine manufacturer? You may be paying way too much money! Have you called the servo motor manufacturer and been told “we cannot sell you this motor, call your OEM”? Before you give up hope, there is a strong possibility you can obtain a replacement motor for much less!

How to Configure an OEM Servo Motor Replacement

  • Find the OEM servo motor part number breakdown (frequently found on series datasheet).
  • Find your servo motor part number.
  • Break down your part number to see what’s been changed from the base model.
    • If the change corresponds to a seal, connector, etc. Order the base model servo motor and buy the seal or connector separately.
    • If it’s something else or if you can’t find the change, call 1-888-80SERVO.

Details on OEM Servo Motors

Most OEM servo motors have had modifications made to them specific to their application. These modifications can range from something as simple as connector pin assignments, to something as involved as installing special feedback in the servo. In order to determine the modifications made to the motor there are a few pieces of information you need.

Try to obtain a datasheet or brochure that matches your specific servo motor series from the motor manufacturer. This will very often give you a description of how to break down the servo motor part number – showing how the part number identifies specific properties of your servo. Now you will need the part number off of your motor. Break down your part number using the same format, and see what is different. You will usually find a letter or number in your part number that is not listed as an option in the datasheet – this will correspond with what is different about your servo.

If the change in the part number corresponds to something like a connector or seal that is the most simple option. You can order a servo motor with the closest matching part number and buy the seal or connector separately, directly from the servo manufacturer. Remove the stock seal, connector, etc. and install the unique one – and you just saved a lot of money!

Sometimes the part number will have extra characters at the end, or unique sections that will correspond to something complicated – such as motor torque or shaft dimensions. Look through the manufacturer datasheet and compare all of you servo motor’s physical and electrical specifications to the stock servo, and you should find the modification.

Hopefully you find what makes your OEM servo motor unique, and you can eliminate the high costs and long lead times, and simply buy your servo motor straight from the manufacturer.

If you need assistance in locating a direct replacement for your OEM servo motor, our technicians are here to help! If a replacement does not exist we are your best source for refurbishing your servo motors to new condition – so you can avoid overpaying for an OEM servo motor!

Contact us for more information on buying a servo motor or request a quote for servo motor repairs.