Repair Part InventoryFanuc is the largest manufacturer of automated machinery in the world. Yet, a majority of the replacement parts needed to maintain Fanuc motors and machines have 16-20 week delivery times, if they are available at all. Ultimately Fanuc limits what “end users” can and can’t do to their machines. Servotech knows that our customers can’t wait 16 weeks for a part, and can’t have a machine down for 16 weeks. We also know it’s impractical for our customers to stock every part they may need, just in case the motor breaks.

Since Fanuc has limited part availability, Servotech has made it our policy to stock as many Fanuc servo motor components as we can. By inventorying more parts, different parts and higher quantities of all parts we eliminate the 16-week delivery time. From spindle motors fans to sensors, we have a healthy supply of the most commonly used components that are vital to Fanuc servo motor and Fanuc spindle motor repairs.

Even though we stock a large quantity of parts, there is the challenge of obtaining servo motor parts that completely unavailable. We came to a point where we either had to give up or get creative. We chose creative ingenuity. We now stamp our own Fanuc Fanuc Partsgaskets for back caps and conduit box covers. Through the use of additive manufacturing (3-D printing) we can recreate or replace small or easily broken plastic components right in house. In the case of some spindle motors we have even re-designed the motors with hybrid bearings.

It is because of these measures that Servotech is able to offer a reliable, rapid response option for Fanuc servo motor repairs, as well as a multitude of other manufacturers whose parts are un-obtainable. Our parts are as good as, or even better than, the original Fanuc components, and our response time for repairs leads the servo motor industry. Ultimately we work hard every day to keep our shelves stocked with parts, so you can keep making parts.