We get a lot of customers who call us and say, “I have a Fanuc A06B Motor, can you fix that?”

The answer is “Yes”! But did you know that ALL Fanuc servo motors, no matter what size or purpose, have a part number that starts with A06B? Fanuc part numbers are broken down into three portions: A06B denotes a servo motor, the middle section of numbers refers to the windings of the motor and its electrical performance, and the final group of letters and digits denote feedback and shaft specifications.

Take a look at these two Fanuc AC servo motors. At first glance they look like the same motor with different output shafts. If we inspect the part numbers however, the motor on the left is designated A06B-0128-B575, where as the motor on the right is an A06B-0128-B075.

Fanuc Servo Motor Repair     Fanuc Servo Motor Repair

Part numbers are a quick reference that can unlock more information about a servo motor, however you don’t need to be an expert – that’s what we are here for! Contact us or fill out and online form noting the A06B Number. We can very easily get you pricing for repairs, availability of parts and we can figure out what kind of feedback device the motor utilizes in case you need a new one. Once we know the part number we know everything: gaskets, seals, connectors, bearings and even hardware.

Feedback Servo Motor Part Numbers

As if it wasn’t confusing enough there are also a lot of part numbers that start “A860” which stands for some form of “feedback.” Feedback refers to sensors and encoders, the integrated technology on the back of a servo motor or spindle motor that communicates with the drive or controller.

View our complete line of replacement Fanuc encoders, our servo motor parts and more on our Fanuc Servo Motor Repair Processes. If you need more help determining which Fanuc servo motor, or any motor manufacturer, you have – contact us – we’re here to help.